Ep. 53: Tumble Circus [Leonie Pony takeover]

Leonie McDonagh (aka Leonie Pony) is back for another a PODCAST TAKEOVER.  This time she is chatting to Belfast-based hijinx-co-ordinators Tumble Circus!

Leonie catches some of the Tumble Circus crew at a rare moment of quiet before they put up their Big Top for the Winter Circus Season at Writer’s Square, Belfast. 

She is joined by Ali Strange, Anqelique ‘Reckless’ Ross,  Kenevil, and Henrik (the muscles not from Brussels).  They share the back-story of Tumble Circus setting up its roots in Belfast.  Leonie asks about gender equality in the circus, but ends up finding out a little too much about Ali’s hoop.

Leonie has long been a fan of Tumble Circus, but it was this summer at the Earagail Arts Festival in Donegal that they really stole her heart. She watched as they put up the Big Top and left her jaw on the floor at the sight of Angelique swinging a lump hammer to bash the tent pegs into the ground.   She knew she was watching something special, with the same spectacular strength and precision going each and every one of the troupe’s performances.  

Tumble Circus present Winter Circus from Dec 8th to 27th, with family shows daily and evening cabarets at the weekends.

For times and tickets check www.tumblecircus.com


Ep 53


Leonie McDonagh is director of Belfast based dance theatre company ponydance.

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