Ep. 30: Min Kim and Tristan Clutterbuck

This week I met with Min Kim, curator of ‘Tuning the White Walls’ – a series of sound events happening in PS

Ep. 29: Jonny Tiernan

This week I catch up with Berlin-based DJ and publisher Jonny Tiernan.  We chat about Jonny’s teenage years spent growi

Ep. 28: Summer Festivals in N.Ireland and Ireland

Summer festival season is upon us!  With loads of events coming up across Northern Ireland and Ireland in coming months, I

Ep. 27: Board Games with Jack Hughes

  I knew my old buddy Jack Hughes was a nerd for things like photography and films – but just I recently found out

Ep. 26: Michael Mormecha

This week I visited Millbank Studios to take a trip down memory lane with Micheael Mormecha, frontman of Lisburn legends  M

Ep. 25: Euro Footie Songs with Michael Clarke

OK I ended up getting a bit excited about Norn Iron and Ireland at the Euros and wanted to talk about it on this week’s

Ep. 24: Primavera Sound Festival TraveLogue

  Hola, this week I’m coming to your ears from Barcelona where myself and friend-of-the-podcast Ciaran Logue recor

Ep. 23: Megan-Cáitlín Dallat

This week I chat to artist and blogger Megan-Cáitlín Dallat about her ASMR-inspired art, her photo-blog VENT , Go Girl

Ep. 22: Isobel Anderson

On this episode I chat to sound artist Isobel Anderson about her move to Northern Ireland alongside the development of her mus

Ep. 21: Miguel Martin

Tonight on The Jewel Case I chat to artist Miguel Martin about the latest developments in his artistic practice and his favour

Ep. 20: Ciaran Logue

This week I welcome back Ciaran Logue for a catch-up to celebrate my 20th episode.  During the show we each share five trac

Ep. 19: Claire Hall and Conan McIvor

The week’s episode is a double-A side with TWO special guests! DJ / Party Queen Claire Hall (aka Venus Dupree) talks abo