Ep.52: Oona Doherty [Leonie Pony Takeover!]

It’s been a while, but The Jewel Case is back!  Lately John has been neglecting his duty to interview artists working in Northern Ireland, so Leonie McDonagh (aka Leonie Pony) is staging a PODCAST TAKEOVER.

In her first takeover episode, Leonie has only gone and interviewed one of the most important contemporary Northern Irish dance artists in recent years – OONA DOHERTY (she’s amazing).

Oona Doherty recently presented Hard to Be Soft: A Belfast Prayer at Belfast International Arts Festival.  The show features collaborations with NI composer David Holmes and a range of actors and dancers from the city of Belfast.

Leonie and Oona have known each other since they went to college together at London Contemporary Dance School back in 2004.  During their catchup on The Jewel Case, Oona explains the creative process behind Hard to Be Soft.  Oona also opens up about her personal philosophy of access in the arts and reveals the influence she takes from Iggy Pop.


Ep 52 artwork


Oona Doherty online.

Leonie McDonagh is director of Belfast based dance theatre company ponydance.


The Jewel Case theme song is The Dark by Beauty Sleep

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