Ep. 51: The Undocumented Tale of Dr. G (Una Lee)

This week I talk to composer and performer Una Lee about her upcoming show – The Undocumented Tale of Dr. G – taking place 18 May at Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast.

The Undocumented Tale of Dr. G is a music theatre piece brings together Una’s research into the life and work of Dr. G, a composer who’s been buried in history for almost a century.  Only known as Dr. G, he was probably the most innovative, experimental composer who worked with improvisation and alternative music notation ahead of the better known figures in 20th Century music.

The show will delve into an unearthed biography of Dr. G and feature the world premiere of numerous Dr. G compositions, performed by the experimental music group QUBe.

I ask Una about the production and its origins, as well as some descriptions of the works of Dr. G.  We also give the you the chance to perform one of Dr. G’s compositions for yourself!

Oh, and she reminds me that I’m also taking part in the show!

The Undocumented Tale of Dr. G takes place 18 May at 7.30pm – Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast.

More information on the event

More information about Una Lee

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