Ep. 29: Jonny Tiernan

This week I catch up with Berlin-based DJ and publisher Jonny Tiernan.  We chat about Jonny’s teenage years spent growi

Ep. 26: Michael Mormecha

This week I visited Millbank Studios to take a trip down memory lane with Micheael Mormecha, frontman of Lisburn legends  M

Ep. 24: Primavera Sound Festival TraveLogue

  Hola, this week I’m coming to your ears from Barcelona where myself and friend-of-the-podcast Ciaran Logue recor

Ep. 22: Isobel Anderson

On this episode I chat to sound artist Isobel Anderson about her move to Northern Ireland alongside the development of her mus

Ep. 17: Drive-by with Bee Mick See

This week I got out of the studio and hip-hopped into the car for a drive around Belfast with local rapper Bee Mick See.  H

Ep. 14: Mickey McCullagh (Son of the Hound)

This week my favourite Omagh troubadour Mickey McCullagh popped round for a cup of tea and a chat about his musical journey &#

Ep. 11: Richard Davis (Heliopause)

This week I chat to Richard Davis from Heliopause about finding, refinding and refining his artistic voice on the new album

Ep. 10: Beauty Sleep

This week Aimee, Cheylene and Ryan – the synth pop dreamboats Beauty Sleep – join me to talk about their musi

Ep. 8: Playing the Changes with Paul Stapleton

This week I’m joined by musician, lecturer and mixologist Paul Stapleton.  We’re talking about improvisation in

Ep. 7: Move On Up and Out – with guest Chris Ryan (Robocobra Quartet)

After seeing John Grant last week I got thinking about artists who have redefined themselves after moving to a different cit

Ep. 6: ’91 with Ryan McGroarty (Wonder Villains / Beauty Sleep)

This week John catches up with Ryan McGroarty – guitarist, vocalist and producer with a bunch of great Northern Irish ba