Ep. 54: End of the year catchup with Ryan McGroarty

The end of 2017 is nigh!  I’ve only done a couple of podcasts this year so I’ve been feeling a bit guilty.  To f

Ep. 51: The Undocumented Tale of Dr. G (Una Lee)

This week I talk to composer and performer Una Lee about her upcoming show – The Undocumented Tale of Dr. G – taki

Ep. 50: Resist (Koichi Samuels & Liam McCartan)

This week I chat to techno musicians Koichi Samuels and Liam McCartan about RESIST – a series of live events showcasin

Ep. 48: Brilliant Corners preview with Brian Carson from Moving on Music

This week I met Moving On Music‘s Brian Carson for a preview of their Brilliant Corners festival.  The festival runs

Ep. 45: Bad Fit

Bad Fit are the baddest band in Belfast!  Their first single ‘Strong Forever’ was the baddest pop tune to come o

Ep. 44: Rayna Gellert

Rayna Gellert is an Old Time American fiddler and singer-songwriter with deep roots in American traditional music that has led

Ep. 40: Duke Special

This week I caught up with Duke Special ahead of his three-night stint at Belfast’s Lyric Theatre that caps off a year-l

Ep. 37: Tim Wheeler (Ash)

So I managed to catch up with Tim Wheeler from Ash while he was backstage at Belfast’s Mandela Hall.  Ash are back in

Ep. 34: David Holmes

This week’s guest on the podcast is David Holmes – one of Northern Ireland’s most interesting musical minds

Ep. 33: Remains of Youth

Back when I had braces on my teeth and gel in my hair I played my first ever gig in Belfast at the Front Page bar.  One of th

Ep. 31: Ursula Burns

This week I chat with the world’s most dangerous harpist Ursula Burns, taking a trip through her discography and looking

Ep. 30: Min Kim and Tristan Clutterbuck

This week I met with Min Kim, curator of ‘Tuning the White Walls’ – a series of sound events happening in PS